The Best Oil Control Loose Powder…So Far

Ah…the joy of procrastination. I am suppose to finish my work, but decided to take a one-day break from school stuff. Instead I’m going to rave about La Tulipe Acne Loose Powder in Suntan.

I have been wearing this powder alone for more or less two weeks, without foundation, because lately I just cannot be bothered to wake up really early just to put on my makeup. So I just put this on right after moisturizer.

The first time I put it on, the smell really bothered me. It smelled like sulfur and on the first day, my nose picked up the scent for the whole day. Hm…that can’t be good, right? I promised myself, if I can still smell it on the second and third day, I’d throw it to the bin. But guess what? This is the third week and my love for it just keep on getting stronger.

Regardless of the smell, this loose powder has an awesome oil control. Usually when I wear loose powder without foundation, I’d find my face as an oil slick just after a couple of hours. But with this one, my face stays matte for the whole day. When I touch my face, I can feel it’s oiliness, but at least it is not shiny. A blot here and there with oil paper usually does the trick for me. No powder touch up is needed. Moreover, it does not break me out also (knock on wood!) nor make my face itchy when I sweat.

I can’t remember the exact price of it, but it did not exceed Rp.40.000,-. IMO, it’s a bargain, considering I only use it in the morning and I got 25 gram for the price. The packaging is not fancy, though. It’s pretty basic and bulky. I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to carry it around for touch-ups.

As a conclusion, I’d say I have found my HG loose powder for now. How about you?


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