This sweater is perfect for the holidays. I wear it with a cute dark green shirt underneath to Oomph up the holiday appeal. I love it, its both warm enough but not super warm and its super cute. I got this sweater from Bags that Fit. The edging looks like snowflakes or just some intricate sewing done it Santa’s workshop.

Lunch time with BFF’s

Today we went to Valente for some lunch, coffee and Chai Latte. We heard that the Chai Latte was amazing there and decided to try it. The opinions were a little bit distributed. This would be the perfect drink for you If you like sweet hot beverages. The chai latte was made with tea, milk and a little chai latte syrup too make it sweet. It was our first time in this cafe and it left a good impression. There are several benches, couches and reading tables where you can sit to read the paper, study, work or just relax and have a cup of coffee. You can also make use of their ipads to access their WIFI during your visit!



This period I am into organic products and I found this organic shampoo in the Drogas shop in Riga (Latvia). It is from Planeta Organica. The description is all in Russian and the website too, so I cannot say what is inside this shampoo. That is even more fun to try I think! 🙂 I chose the Tibetan type, because my friend, who can read Russian (trust me I am Russian….), said is for volume. This shampoo is free of parabenen and sodium lauryl sulfate (the main reason why I am into organic products). The shampoo is more liquid than I am used too. The smell is pleasant. It smells like the forrest. I needed like 5 pumps of this shampoo otherwise it will not be foamy.

kandi-burruss-boyfriend-2012-todd-tucker image-2

After I dried my hair it did not feel greasy. When my friend used organic shampoo for the first time her hair was very greasy. My hair had also volume! 🙂 So I like this shampoo and I definitely recommend this shampoo. I bought the Moroccan shampoo too. Hopefully the customs will not find my two shampoos and my other liquid products, because I only travelled with my cabin baggage…

Oui Oui J’adore Paris sale!

Ladies! The Paris sale has started last wednesday and it was crazy! Here in the Netherlands we normally start with 30% off. However, the French sale will go up to 50%. Everyone was carrying at least 3 shopping bags of merchandise and it was so crowded. Especially the shoe department. They had a lot of different brands there and all had their own stand/corner. There was a really long line at the jimmy choo, chanel, prada and many different brands. All women turned into hyenas seeing the 50% off sign. They will grab the shoe or bag as soon as you put back in the rack. They are also circling around you in the hope that you will put the stuff back that you have in hands. It was such a new experience for me! But I really liked it. I only bought 2 things in the sale. I could have bought more, but that would be only because of the sale greed and not because of necessity. So I bought an A.P.C. sweater with 50% discount and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag with 40% off.


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I am in love with my ‘Clarisonic Mia 2′

We always look for the perfect skin cleansing product. But the quest is not over yet when you finally find that one skin care product that is so amazing. Your skin can get even better, so don’t settle for less. I am talking about the use of the Clarisonic facial cleanser. Today I am going to tell you guys why you should buy a Clarisonic Mia 2. I did not believe all of the promises that the brand made, untill I used it myself. A good friend of mine bought it for me at the Sephora in New York. It was 160 dollars, which is 125 euros. It costs about 150 euros in Europe (without shipping costs).

A lot of you girls do the manual cleansing 2 times a day, which already is a really good routine. However, a lot of dirt and impurities will remain on your face when you cleanse your face manually. The Clarisonic removes impurities 6x more than manual cleansing. And all this in just 60 seconds! It comes with a T-timer. The cheeks will have 20 seconds each, the chin 10 seconds and the forehead also 10 seconds. The Mia 2 has 2 speeds, which can be adjusted easily by pressing the speed button once. The brushhead has an inner ring and an outerring. Only the inner ring vibrates. The Clarisonic vibrates while other face brushes rotate. It comes with an American plug but can be used in every country with the converter.

You can feel that your skin is much smoother and cleaner after the first use. The clarisonic will not have much effect if you already have a clear skin. I would not recommend it if you do not have a troubled skin. For girls who do have a troubled skin, this little machine will be perfect! Especially the ones who have oily skin. I actually wanted the Classic Clarisonic because it had a bigger brushhead. Thank god that is was sold out! The brushhead would be much too large for my face so the Mia 2 is much better for me. The Mia 2 is the same length size as a toothpaste tube and is optimally designed to fit the hand perfectly. I really really love the Mia 2. I would buy it again with no hesitation if it were to break down the next month. That is how much I like this product.

Lipstick – YSL Rouge Volupté

What I like about this line, is that the lipsticks are very moisturizing. I always moisturize my lips before putting lipstick on. But with other lipsticks, I often tend to get even more drier lips after. I usually end up not retouching my lips after the first layer has faded, because my lips are too dry to make another layer of any lipstick look good. With the YSL RV, I don’t always need to moisturize before putting the colour on my lips, because they have a creamy moisturizing texture. Which also makes it so much easier to put on. Oh and the smell! I love it because it’s fruity, subtle and fruity.. perfect!

Another thing that I love about this line, is that the colours are always full of pigment and you just need one layer to sweep for the colour to show. Also, when the colour starts to fade, you will still have enough colour for quite some time. The process of fading with pigmented lipsticks like these are much slower since they’re so rich and there’s enough colour to cover compared to the sheer ones

I’m keeping an eye on the next sale and will definitely expand my YSL collection.

We would love to know what your favourite lipsticks (brands) are and why. Please leave a comment and/or follow

Cute Floral Headband!!

I am very happy to have finally found the time to post again. Today I’ll talk about headbands, hair accessory that makes all the difference in a trendy look. A fashion accessory that has been around for years and is very successful at the moment.
I’ve already seen some artists and fashion personalities use this accessory. In short everything you need for a finishing touch to a trendy look.

Sweet Day At Valencia Market!

On Saturday 13 I gave me a tour of Sweet Market, a market which was organized in one of the terraces of the building of the Animas (or Dockas) nightclub located in Valencia, the terrace is concerned Lotus Lounge. The market, which brought together many artists, exhibitors of accessories and Valencian designers, was all day under a blazing sun, so they have an incredible credit for having endured so many hours. I went around 6pm and I was roasting, luckily air (which did not help my dress), managed to cool the atmosphere.



Beautiful Brass Bag!

Last week I visited the showroom Rental Mode, which is newly installed in Valencia. Rental rents Mode looks to go with the latest trends to your events. A trendy and innovative business that brings new options to dress.

Maribel Marco, the head of Rental Mode, teach me everything he had in the showroom including novelties like bags brass.


Unique fashion!


Weird, I have been updating this blog for quite long time but only this time I tried to think of sharing what fashion is all about. LOL! Anyway, fashion for me is the way you manage your own style and designs. No matter how simple or elegant it is the big deal is on how you portray it. And also according to wiki: Fashion is a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing.

The more technical term, costume, has become so linked in the public eye with the term “fashion” that the more general term “costume” has in popular use mostly been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term “fashion” means clothing generally, and the study of it.