Oui Oui J’adore Paris sale!

Ladies! The Paris sale has started last wednesday and it was crazy! Here in the Netherlands we normally start with 30% off. However, the French sale will go up to 50%. Everyone was carrying at least 3 shopping bags of merchandise and it was so crowded. Especially the shoe department. They had a lot of different brands there and all had their own stand/corner. There was a really long line at the jimmy choo, chanel, prada and many different brands. All women turned into hyenas seeing the 50% off sign. They will grab the shoe or bag as soon as you put back in the rack. They are also circling around you in the hope that you will put the stuff back that you have in hands. It was such a new experience for me! But I really liked it. I only bought 2 things in the sale. I could have bought more, but that would be only because of the sale greed and not because of necessity. So I bought an A.P.C. sweater with 50% discount and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag with 40% off.


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