Lipstick – YSL Rouge Volupté

What I like about this line, is that the lipsticks are very moisturizing. I always moisturize my lips before putting lipstick on. But with other lipsticks, I often tend to get even more drier lips after. I usually end up not retouching my lips after the first layer has faded, because my lips are too dry to make another layer of any lipstick look good. With the YSL RV, I don’t always need to moisturize before putting the colour on my lips, because they have a creamy moisturizing texture. Which also makes it so much easier to put on. Oh and the smell! I love it because it’s fruity, subtle and fruity.. perfect!

Another thing that I love about this line, is that the colours are always full of pigment and you just need one layer to sweep for the colour to show. Also, when the colour starts to fade, you will still have enough colour for quite some time. The process of fading with pigmented lipsticks like these are much slower since they’re so rich and there’s enough colour to cover compared to the sheer ones

I’m keeping an eye on the next sale and will definitely expand my YSL collection.

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