A cool shoes!

Got this picture from a friend of mine. She is asking me if this is cool for her fashion. She is into fashion and really wants to let her shoe designer do the same style as show in this picture. At first, of course I laugh! I cannot imagine if I am the one who will wear that shoes in the mall or in the city. Maybe my friends will gonna laugh at me. BUT well, my friend insisted that this is cool and she wants a pair of these.

Ok..Ok… will see how could that be. I am looking forward for my friend who will gonna wear this in one of her fashion shows in the mall soon.

My home sandalia!


Yes, I use sandals at home or what we can called slippers. I bought these pair last year before winter time. Indeed I use this every day and feels so comfortable and soft. During winter it helps preventing the freezing colder days indoor. Now it looks like flattened or looks big on my feet but it still very good.

Like Bally Shoes?

bally PVC-Bally-Shoes

Folks, i don’t own a bally shoes this is fortune for me but looks very elegant. As i read on news paper today i read about Bally shoes and it reminds me of my old days when i was doing some field work. Once before we developed a program on a bally shoes somewhere in Makati , and it reminds me of how expensive this fashion is.

Not just shoes but some other accessories, most of their client are well-know super star and celebrities. Obvious because ordinary individual can’t afford for this one. lol!

As you can see the photos attached here! Thanks to google for providing this photo.