Spruce up old furniture

This desk, and the chair that goes with it, has been in my room since I was a baby. I don’t know the original color because my mom painted it light blue when I was really young, and after that it turned pink to go with everything else in my teen-room.




The fabric of the chair ripped, just out of being old and worn, so not having any random (and color matching) fabric lying around I started going through my wardrobe in hunt for material to fix it with.


I found this little knitted shoulder cape I bought when I was 18 or so. I bought it because I love capes and it was really pretty, but when I realized how uncomfortable a cape is to wear under a winter jacket – and that thick knit wear isn’t ideal in summertime either, I gave up on it and it’s been in my basement in a paper bag since them. I haven’t had the heart to throw it out, because it’s good wool and it’s hand made by the lady in the shop I bought it in.


Luckily it caught my eye as I scanned my resources for something white to go with the living room. I just nailed it around the seat of my chair and – voila!

Hot Chilli from Alabama!


Here we go, last two weeks ago got some package box from Alabama. A dear friend of mine sent some of her garden harvest like chilli’s and some pickles. That was awesome and since I still have some chilli’s here, I decided to make some ‘paksiw’ as we called in our own language. A fish with whole pepper, vinegar and some onions. Super love the taste! Thanks so much for my dear friend who always do favor to me.

I took a picture just to show her that I made it! And that I use her chilli’s for making some paksiw!


Pity for the typhoon victims!

My heart is really crying when seeing those Yolanda’s victims. I am pretty sure that everyone of us is aware of what had happened to Philippines last week. It was really terrible, I cannot imagine that the city called Tacloban was really smashed by that typhoon. Thousands are dead and thousands lost their homes and loved ones. If you can just see the videos uploaded then you will really be sad.

Now, most countries contribute their help in many ways. I just really hope that those affected can have really what they need. I am praying that they will be guided accordingly and of course comfort for those victims and hope that they can find shelter again. So now, I am hoping to contribute a bit too as I cannot imagine their needs and agony down there.

I have a workmate who still looking for her brother. I just hope and pray that her brother and family are alive still. As we know still lot of missing individuals that needs to locate. This tragedy is really unbelievable. I am so really sad indeed!


Ufff…. what a vacation, I took one week vacation from work in-order to travel or to have time with family but what now, I am sick :-( . This started last Sunday night, I felt going to the bathroom from time to time.  And today is worst, I felt like having fever. Goodness, what is this! Hope this is not that serious as what I am thinking over. I need complete healing, I need power of good health.

Anyway, hope that everything will be fine. I need some rest and hope for the best!