Vintage animal finds from ebay

There’s something about a piece of animal jewelry. I’m not really sure what it is but I just adore these babies! I especially like the vintage animal jewelry… I found several pieces on ebay. I though ebay would be a perfect place to look since individuals sell their belongings on ebay… and sure enough I found some good stuff.

Although animal jewelry may not be the most “in” thing this type of jewelry is certainly a great way to express uniqueness. I admire the quirkiness of animal jewelry. 

A few years ago I would have been disgusted by the idea of vintage anything. Why would anyone want someone else’s old belongings when they could have new jewelry of their own? I now understand the lure of vintage items very well. The fact that these gorgeous pieces are no longer being made, in addition to the fact that its not likely your best firmed or neighbor would have anything close to yours- that is more than enough!

The whole point to jewelry is to make a woman feel special, priceless, unique, and like royalty! I am convinced that vintage is the way to go when seeking these qualities. Listen up, men!

Cute Floral Headband!!

I am very happy to have finally found the time to post again. Today I’ll talk about headbands, hair accessory that makes all the difference in a trendy look. A fashion accessory that has been around for years and is very successful at the moment.
I’ve already seen some artists and fashion personalities use this accessory. In short everything you need for a finishing touch to a trendy look.

What a ring!

ring1How i wish to have this ring. I stumbled at google with lots of rings that i like, but i like most this one. But of course this cost fortune, so for now i am satisfied with this photo lol. Very nice and unique!


Any idea about Japanese clothing!

Japanese clothing is known for their traditional Kimono, which can be worn in any occasions like weddings,  birthday,  thanksgiving and holidays.   These traditional clothing can be worn depending on the season and the age of the person.   There are kinds of Kimono, like Yukata that can be worn in summer, Haori, it’s like a jacket, Michiyuki is like an overall and the Hakama is a Japanese pants. Mostly Kimono has a woven pattern with repeated designs which means good luck and prosperity to those who will wear it .

For unmarried women, she can wear a kimono with long sleeves, while the older and married women can wear a much simpler and a complex design.  They also have their traditional footwear, these are sandals, like geta,   zori, vinyl zori and tatami.  Today’s Japanese fashion is changing fast from old tradional clothing to new trends and styles that will fit into global fashion. Japan has evolved into something that they called it “Street Fashion”, or the Decora Style.   This trend most likely has a bright colored clothing,  with much in accessories like earings,  bangles  and the likes,  added also a multi-layered socks,  all in  a very decorative way of fashion.


From Greece with Love!

Hey, I got a new blue stone bracelet from Greece. Thanks to my SS for the kindness. I really love it! A remembrance from their vacation. The color is really cool and I love bracelets as well.  Exactly the same as picture shown here but only the color is blue. Another collection! Yes… thanks again!