The Best Oil Control Loose Powder…So Far

Ah…the joy of procrastination. I am suppose to finish my work, but decided to take a one-day break from school stuff. Instead I’m going to rave about La Tulipe Acne Loose Powder in Suntan.

I have been wearing this powder alone for more or less two weeks, without foundation, because lately I just cannot be bothered to wake up really early just to put on my makeup. So I just put this on right after moisturizer.

The first time I put it on, the smell really bothered me. It smelled like sulfur and on the first day, my nose picked up the scent for the whole day. Hm…that can’t be good, right? I promised myself, if I can still smell it on the second and third day, I’d throw it to the bin. But guess what? This is the third week and my love for it just keep on getting stronger.

Regardless of the smell, this loose powder has an awesome oil control. Usually when I wear loose powder without foundation, I’d find my face as an oil slick just after a couple of hours. But with this one, my face stays matte for the whole day. When I touch my face, I can feel it’s oiliness, but at least it is not shiny. A blot here and there with oil paper usually does the trick for me. No powder touch up is needed. Moreover, it does not break me out also (knock on wood!) nor make my face itchy when I sweat.

I can’t remember the exact price of it, but it did not exceed Rp.40.000,-. IMO, it’s a bargain, considering I only use it in the morning and I got 25 gram for the price. The packaging is not fancy, though. It’s pretty basic and bulky. I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to carry it around for touch-ups.

As a conclusion, I’d say I have found my HG loose powder for now. How about you?


Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

 Lately, I have been obsessing about enhancing my originally tanned skin. You see, I am Indonesian, and unlike other Indonesian girls in my country, who dream about having fair skin like those girls in the whitening/lightening product commercials, I embrace my skin color. I have had enough with all of those whitening product those Asian cosmetic companies are selling. I think their jargon “white is beautiful” is just full of crap (pardon my French!). We need  to be comfortable being yourself and embrace our own natural features and flaws. Only then we will be able to figure how to enhance our features and make our flaws work for us.  

This is why I was so happy to find this product from Body Shop. It is called the Honey Bronze Shimmering Body Oil. I was almost jumping up and down in the store when I found it. Finally, a cosmetic company who sells a bronzing product in my own country! 

However, I gotta warn you. It doesn’t come cheap. I paid Rp.250.000,- for a 3.3oz bottle.

I love the way it makes my skin look so healthy. It moisturizes well without being greasy. Sadly, I really can’t stand the smell. It reminds of Indonesian traditional body scrub or lulur. I mean, body scrub needs to be washed away, but this body oil stays with me for the whole day or until after I take the next shower. The smell also gets transfered to my clothes, cluthes or any bags I use for the day. It is definitely not a good thing! *sigh*

The packaging is also problematic for me. It comes in a glass bottle with a screw on cap. If only it comes in plastic bottle and a flip top.  

I really hope that the Body Shop will reformulate and repackage this product someday. For now, I just have to try to handle the smell whenever I decide to wear it. 

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

Before I started using the TBS Chocomania body butter, this is what I had been using – the beloved Creme de Corps. I have come across a few reviews over time and I don’t think I have read a negative review of Creme de Corps as of yet.

What’s in it and what does it do?
The key ingredients listed are cocoa butter, sesame oil and beta-carotene (an antioxidant which can be found in carrots). Kiehl’s claim that using this for 10 days will improve skin texture. Personally I, like many others, found that this moisturiser is up there with the best of them but I can’t say my skin improved to a texture which was previously unattainable…

How much and how long?
I got this in the HPMSocial gift bag but this 125ml bottle costs £16.

How does it smell?
It’s very lightly scented of something so light and sweet that I can’t even pick up on what it is – Sorry!

Other comments:
One thing I really disliked about this product is the bottle… It’s hard enough to squeeze the product out as it is but when you have moisturiser all over your hands it’s verging on pretty damn impossible! Unless you’re going to be cutting up bottle, product wastage is very likely.

Would I buy it again? Probably not as there are many other moisturisers which are as good as this and cheaper.
Would I recommend it? Yes because it is a really nice moisturiser/butter! 🙂

The Lash Diary – Vintage Cosmetics Company Gracie

I intended to write about these eyelashes about a month ago but for whatever reason, it didn’t happen! Anyway, here’s to my first Lash Diary post of 2017 😉 As I have mentioned before, Vintage Cosmetics Company have 5 different natural styles on offer, Gracie is the 3rd pair I have tried and I am pleased to say I like Gracie as much as I liked Connie!



Gracie has a very thin and flexible black band which held on for hours. The corners didn’t lift off at any point through the afternoon/evening and felt very light. Oh and have you noticed that for once I had taken a close up of my eye before I had left the house(!)

The same can not be said for the picture above, as it had been taken after the eyelashes had been worn… As you can see Gracie gives quite a voluminous, slightly spiky look – I would definitely wear this pair again too! The eyelashes  are stocked in following boutiques – The Powderpuff Girls, Truly Madly Vintage and Amzi Boutique.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable


One of the most talked product of the year was ” Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain”. It resembles Clinique Chubby sticks in many matter, but what makes Revlon JBK is that it’s affordable. Even Bourjois have similar kind of product but its staying power is in question. Anyways here I am going to review Revlon JBK in shade Rendezvous – 040. It’s a lovely mandarine colour with a touch of peach in it .




The first thought which came to my mind when I saw this lip balm ( they say so) was “OMG they are so cute”. And I wanted to buy this. The package is so cute and very easy to use, it’s also travel friendly. Anyone remember the big crayon like kajal which was widely available in 90s??? I still remember how my mom always used it and she looked so gorgeous. This crayon like sticks reminds me of that kajal , only difference being these are colourful and that was grey. It has smooth texture , u can paint your lips just like you painted any drawing with crayon pencil in your childhood. Once applied it gives you the feel of wearing a balm ( it has a cooling effect )on your lips. Its also moisturising in the right way, so that to allow the colour stay for long time .Colour is a beautiful orange with peach with a touch of coral. Staying power is very good, it stayed for straight 5 hours with meal and drinks for me, and  I was happy about it.



L’oreal UV Perfect 12H LongLasting UV Protector SPF 50 – Review & Swatches


If you ask me which makeup/skin care products you can’t live without, the answer will be very simple – Lip balm,and sunblock cream. Yeah, my daily routine is as simple as that, sometimes I don’t even wear kohl/eyeliner,I like to be simple to office (mind you I spend a hell lot of time in office 10 hours/5 days per week ).This days summer here in Doha is hitting the peak, and leave you tanned within 10 minutes of sun exposure.The saviour for me in this hot climate and in the dry winters is ” L’oreal UV Perfect 12H long-lasting UV Protector SPF 50 UVB- transparent skin”.

How it appears after blending in for a few mins.


Hits :

  • Good protection, stays long
  • Didn’t leave my face oily ( I have combination skin)
  • Not too expensive
  • Gives a dewy glowing skin look
  •  other than the initial white cast, it absorbs to the skin
  • fragrance free

 Miss :

  • It doesn’t stay for 12 hours as it claims, but definitely stays for 8 to 10 hours, so we can neglect it c’mon 🙂
  • It creates initial white cast, but which disappears with in 15 minutes,other than this, I didn’t find any miss for this product.

The BodyShop Lipstick No. 12


Who doesn’t like to have a red hot pout?? I know , there will be noone, infact all of us love to carry a perfect red pout with elegance, but we are scared of going over the board or not confident enough to even give it a try. Today I would like you people to meet No. 12 of The bodyShop ( I seriously don’t understand this numbering system followed by TBS, they remind me of my school and college, where I use to remember few of my classmates with their role no.s.


I love bold colours on my lips, infact more than eye makeup initially I loved lip colours. I got this lippies from TBS in sale with few other which are yet to be reviewed. The package is silver coloured small bullet shape with rose gold coloured inside panel, It’s the classic TBS lipstick package. Colour is perfect red ( somewhat brick red) with golden shimmer. It’s perfect shade with any indian attire. The texture is smooth and glides very well on the lips, it gives perfect coverage also which tames from medium to full coverage. It is highly pigmented, 1 swipe is enough to get the beautiful shade and 2 swipes give you the intense colour.


Because of the smooth texture and bullet shape if the lipstick application is super simple and easy. The only problem and which actually is a major issue is the staying power of the lipstick. As it is very smooth , moisturizing and hydrating on lips it’s stating power is hardly 4 hours.


This period I am into organic products and I found this organic shampoo in the Drogas shop in Riga (Latvia). It is from Planeta Organica. The description is all in Russian and the website too, so I cannot say what is inside this shampoo. That is even more fun to try I think! 🙂 I chose the Tibetan type, because my friend, who can read Russian (trust me I am Russian….), said is for volume. This shampoo is free of parabenen and sodium lauryl sulfate (the main reason why I am into organic products). The shampoo is more liquid than I am used too. The smell is pleasant. It smells like the forrest. I needed like 5 pumps of this shampoo otherwise it will not be foamy.

kandi-burruss-boyfriend-2012-todd-tucker image-2

After I dried my hair it did not feel greasy. When my friend used organic shampoo for the first time her hair was very greasy. My hair had also volume! 🙂 So I like this shampoo and I definitely recommend this shampoo. I bought the Moroccan shampoo too. Hopefully the customs will not find my two shampoos and my other liquid products, because I only travelled with my cabin baggage…

I am in love with my ‘Clarisonic Mia 2′

We always look for the perfect skin cleansing product. But the quest is not over yet when you finally find that one skin care product that is so amazing. Your skin can get even better, so don’t settle for less. I am talking about the use of the Clarisonic facial cleanser. Today I am going to tell you guys why you should buy a Clarisonic Mia 2. I did not believe all of the promises that the brand made, untill I used it myself. A good friend of mine bought it for me at the Sephora in New York. It was 160 dollars, which is 125 euros. It costs about 150 euros in Europe (without shipping costs).

A lot of you girls do the manual cleansing 2 times a day, which already is a really good routine. However, a lot of dirt and impurities will remain on your face when you cleanse your face manually. The Clarisonic removes impurities 6x more than manual cleansing. And all this in just 60 seconds! It comes with a T-timer. The cheeks will have 20 seconds each, the chin 10 seconds and the forehead also 10 seconds. The Mia 2 has 2 speeds, which can be adjusted easily by pressing the speed button once. The brushhead has an inner ring and an outerring. Only the inner ring vibrates. The Clarisonic vibrates while other face brushes rotate. It comes with an American plug but can be used in every country with the converter.

You can feel that your skin is much smoother and cleaner after the first use. The clarisonic will not have much effect if you already have a clear skin. I would not recommend it if you do not have a troubled skin. For girls who do have a troubled skin, this little machine will be perfect! Especially the ones who have oily skin. I actually wanted the Classic Clarisonic because it had a bigger brushhead. Thank god that is was sold out! The brushhead would be much too large for my face so the Mia 2 is much better for me. The Mia 2 is the same length size as a toothpaste tube and is optimally designed to fit the hand perfectly. I really really love the Mia 2. I would buy it again with no hesitation if it were to break down the next month. That is how much I like this product.

Lipstick – YSL Rouge Volupté

What I like about this line, is that the lipsticks are very moisturizing. I always moisturize my lips before putting lipstick on. But with other lipsticks, I often tend to get even more drier lips after. I usually end up not retouching my lips after the first layer has faded, because my lips are too dry to make another layer of any lipstick look good. With the YSL RV, I don’t always need to moisturize before putting the colour on my lips, because they have a creamy moisturizing texture. Which also makes it so much easier to put on. Oh and the smell! I love it because it’s fruity, subtle and fruity.. perfect!

Another thing that I love about this line, is that the colours are always full of pigment and you just need one layer to sweep for the colour to show. Also, when the colour starts to fade, you will still have enough colour for quite some time. The process of fading with pigmented lipsticks like these are much slower since they’re so rich and there’s enough colour to cover compared to the sheer ones

I’m keeping an eye on the next sale and will definitely expand my YSL collection.

We would love to know what your favourite lipsticks (brands) are and why. Please leave a comment and/or follow

My first nail polish!

urbanogcom-blog-shellac-and-gelish-nail-polish-762x366This is my first nail polish that cost too much! It cost almost USD70. I got this as a gift from my last year’s birthday. Finally, I went to salon and use it before the expiration date! I am so thankful to my stepdaughter and stepson that finally I dare to have my nail polish done by professional. I used to clean and polish my nails on my own! So did not have any idea to visit a salon as long as I can do it in my own. But since got FREE so why not!

It turns nice and perfect!

Thank you gurl!

Just a surprise gift from a friend last night! I did not expect anything from her we just met in a party and suddenly handed me this perfume. A  versace for women! Yay! I was surprised and asked her again if that was intended for me and the answer is YES! Thanks my dear friend for this perfume. Love the smell and the sexy bottle body style. Now it adds to my perfume collection.