Revlon Just Bitten Kissable


One of the most talked product of the year was ” Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain”. It resembles Clinique Chubby sticks in many matter, but what makes Revlon JBK is that it’s affordable. Even Bourjois have similar kind of product but its staying power is in question. Anyways here I am going to review Revlon JBK in shade Rendezvous – 040. It’s a lovely mandarine colour with a touch of peach in it .




The first thought which came to my mind when I saw this lip balm ( they say so) was “OMG they are so cute”. And I wanted to buy this. The package is so cute and very easy to use, it’s also travel friendly. Anyone remember the big crayon like kajal which was widely available in 90s??? I still remember how my mom always used it and she looked so gorgeous. This crayon like sticks reminds me of that kajal , only difference being these are colourful and that was grey. It has smooth texture , u can paint your lips just like you painted any drawing with crayon pencil in your childhood. Once applied it gives you the feel of wearing a balm ( it has a cooling effect )on your lips. Its also moisturising in the right way, so that to allow the colour stay for long time .Colour is a beautiful orange with peach with a touch of coral. Staying power is very good, it stayed for straight 5 hours with meal and drinks for me, and  I was happy about it.



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