L’oreal UV Perfect 12H LongLasting UV Protector SPF 50 – Review & Swatches


If you ask me which makeup/skin care products you can’t live without, the answer will be very simple – Lip balm,and sunblock cream. Yeah, my daily routine is as simple as that, sometimes I don’t even wear kohl/eyeliner,I like to be simple to office (mind you I spend a hell lot of time in office 10 hours/5 days per week ).This days summer here in Doha is hitting the peak, and leave you tanned within 10 minutes of sun exposure.The saviour for me in this hot climate and in the dry winters is ” L’oreal UV Perfect 12H long-lasting UV Protector SPF 50 UVB- transparent skin”.

How it appears after blending in for a few mins.


Hits :

  • Good protection, stays long
  • Didn’t leave my face oily ( I have combination skin)
  • Not too expensive
  • Gives a dewy glowing skin look
  •  other than the initial white cast, it absorbs to the skin
  • fragrance free

 Miss :

  • It doesn’t stay for 12 hours as it claims, but definitely stays for 8 to 10 hours, so we can neglect it c’mon 🙂
  • It creates initial white cast, but which disappears with in 15 minutes,other than this, I didn’t find any miss for this product.

The BodyShop Lipstick No. 12


Who doesn’t like to have a red hot pout?? I know , there will be noone, infact all of us love to carry a perfect red pout with elegance, but we are scared of going over the board or not confident enough to even give it a try. Today I would like you people to meet No. 12 of The bodyShop ( I seriously don’t understand this numbering system followed by TBS, they remind me of my school and college, where I use to remember few of my classmates with their role no.s.


I love bold colours on my lips, infact more than eye makeup initially I loved lip colours. I got this lippies from TBS in sale with few other which are yet to be reviewed. The package is silver coloured small bullet shape with rose gold coloured inside panel, It’s the classic TBS lipstick package. Colour is perfect red ( somewhat brick red) with golden shimmer. It’s perfect shade with any indian attire. The texture is smooth and glides very well on the lips, it gives perfect coverage also which tames from medium to full coverage. It is highly pigmented, 1 swipe is enough to get the beautiful shade and 2 swipes give you the intense colour.


Because of the smooth texture and bullet shape if the lipstick application is super simple and easy. The only problem and which actually is a major issue is the staying power of the lipstick. As it is very smooth , moisturizing and hydrating on lips it’s stating power is hardly 4 hours.

Cute black ruffle sweater

sweaterThis cute sweater was bought at Sexy Modest in American Fork, Utah. The store has some really great buys, everything is under $50 and super cute! The store is filled with items that are both sexy and modest for the LDS crowd. I love this warm sweater, its cute it the back to and the ruffles edge down quite nicely.


This sweater is perfect for the holidays. I wear it with a cute dark green shirt underneath to Oomph up the holiday appeal. I love it, its both warm enough but not super warm and its super cute. I got this sweater from Bags that Fit. The edging looks like snowflakes or just some intricate sewing done it Santa’s workshop.