Lacoste anyone?

These wallet is for my cousin. A very nice original Lacoste. I saw in this in her facebook photos. I posted it here just to remember that one day I want to buy a similar one.  I love the color and of course the brand. Lacoste cost a bit but really last longer than the other brand. Just make sure that you have enough money inside! Anyway, thanks cousin for sharing this picture. I’m loving it! Simple and elegant!

Thank you gurl!

Just a surprise gift from a friend last night! I did not expect anything from her we just met in a party and suddenly handed me this perfume. A  versace for women! Yay! I was surprised and asked her again if that was intended for me and the answer is YES! Thanks my dear friend for this perfume. Love the smell and the sexy bottle body style. Now it adds to my perfume collection.