What are the colors For 2013

Now that the new year finally started, it just normal for people to dig on what would be best activities in order to reap all the luck that 2013 has to offer. Some would be subscribing horoscope readings, visit fortune tellers and listen to astronomically-based pieces of advice.

For those who are in the fashion industry, they rely mostly on the lucky colors as the bases of their creation. Some designers are religiously following it every year and strongly believe that these things could influence their sales.

For 2013, the lucky colors that these designers can use are those that coincide with the color of the Water element. These are shades of blue and black. It can in the form of accessories like bangles, bags, shoes and all other similar items. You might as well want to change your wallet into blue or black this year. White and metallic colors like gray can also be used.

Like Bally Shoes?

bally PVC-Bally-Shoes

Folks, i don’t own a bally shoes this is fortune for me but looks very elegant. As i read on news paper today i read about Bally shoes and it reminds me of my old days when i was doing some field work. Once before we developed a program on a bally shoes somewhere in Makati , and it reminds me of how expensive this fashion is.

Not just shoes but some other accessories, most of their client are well-know super star and celebrities. Obvious because ordinary individual can’t afford for this one. lol!

As you can see the photos attached here! Thanks to google for providing this photo.

Mix and Match Basics To Look Glamorous All-Year Round

Looking good is always affected by the outfit that you’re wearing. Don’t confuse it with wearing expensive clothes because it is totally a different story. You don’t have to take fashion short-courses in order to pull off that glamorous outfit.

Everything can be learned and all you have to do is to be observant. Make yourself aware of the colors that don’t look good when combined as well as those that do. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel and choose colors that belong on the same group. If you can master the mix and match basics then it’s a guarantee that you would be wearing an outfit that isn’t going to be eye straining.

You don’t have to buy the entire outfit in one store. Learn to hop from one store to another and compare prices. Sometimes sidewalk boutiques got the widest selections in town. These are also the type of stores wherein you can bargain for prices if you’re going to buy a lot.