Impulsive Buying!

Can I call my self as addicted into shopping? Well, maybe not! I do shop stuff that mostly what is needed to me. But sometimes I admit that I do buy some stuffs that is not needed so. Hmmm, sorry for my budget but thankful that I still manage to do so. I noticed that by doing self control is the thing to avoid being an impulsive buyer. What do you think?

There are lots of situation where women or men loves to shop. There are circumstances that a person will do shopping because she or he is bored. There are times that shopping ease loneliness or ease from being bored. So shopping is an outlet for somebody who considers it.

For me shopping is spending time to let your mind relax and buying little from time to time according to what you like is ok. Just limit and know your loads.

To buy or not to buy!

I was in the mall two days ago and planning to buy another winter jacket. But I have some doubt for buying a new one. I have still two winter jacket and they are both useful. I saw some nice designs jackets but holding on for not buying. Will gonna save and think of those important stuffs only.

Hmmm… but wait after I finished checking on that jacket I saw a very cute wallet at the accessories boutique. So instead of buying a new jacket my attention was turned to wallet, lol. Crazy shopper. So without any delayed I bought that wallet and here is the evidence. Isn’t that cool?

I am not planning of using this for my own. I am planning this to give to somebody who will be having her 25th birthday next week. This could be perfect for her.


My Fashion Exclusive!

Why did I came up into this blog? Simply because I have a lot of fashion collection that mostly exclusive. This blog will serves as a place where I will share my fashion collection from head to toe, simple and heavy, cheap to expensive and etc. I may not really a fashionable to the higher level but I have my own style and likes.

So hope anyone who is willing to follow my blog is welcome. Feel free to comment and make some more of your suggestion and will exchange ideas and stuffs about fashion. You can teach me and I can teach you as well.

Blogging for me is a hobby where you can share your likes in life. So let’s start